Hey, how are you?

If it wasn’t already obvious, that’s not us in the picture!

We do not fix lights right on top of your head. Our office has better walls and views that fuel our productivity.

Don’t believe us?

Why Caizin

We argued if this website needs an elevator pitch. And someone won. In protest, here is another irrelevant photograph to grab your eyeballs.

  • Pune’s best product development services company
  • Founded by serial entrepreneurs who know how it’s done
  • Raw passion for building great products
  • Unquenched yearning for technology, doing bigger and better things
  • Truly relish the journey from concept to customer
  • Handpicked talent forming teams, that are fun to work with, while in the pursuit of excellence
  • A steady and sturdy growth roadmap to sustain the ever-changing markets

Okay, the photo is not all that irrelevant. This is how our office looked on the day of its opening ceremony. We shall re-decorate it in the exact same manner on the first day of your joining. You have our word!

No, we do not have a pool table at our office

Nevertheless, make yourself comfortable on this website. You should find all your answers here. If you don’t, you must hit the Contact page and let us know.

The Good Part

Why would anyone in their right mind join Caizin?

We really listen to our users. Very carefully. Our VoC framework that helps us productize & prioritize user feedback keeps the users happy and us happier.

Delivering product advantage & working software that brings user delight (and money) is our strongest motivation. That joy seeing our customers succeed is unparalleled. We credit our experienced, tried and tested practices.

We have uncompromising commitment to doing it right the first time. If you ever wrote a sentence 500 times when your school teacher asked you to, it is quite likely you already know how important that is. Same goes for sky diving.

We really listen to our own people. Carefully. Our servant leadership takes the “servant” part of it quite literally. We will do what it takes to see that our people are happy, satisfied and take pride in working with us.

We are technologists at heart. Solutioning is important and supporting it with the right tech is even more so. Our guy moved documentDB to mongoDB Atlas overnight with over 30GB of data in production. Zero downtime. 10x performance (do not try this at home).

Turns out we pay well. It is 2023, and we know that developers have never had it better. Almost everyone holds multiple offers in hand. But guess what?! There is only one team as insanely cool as CAIZIN.

We care

A random image to remind you that 7.5 tonnes of food is wasted in India every day. That is also one of the biggest contributors to water wastage.

It does not always have to be about software, you see.

The Better Part

Are we really that awesome?

We start working on product concepts in the early stages. Develop the idea, research, create the business model canvas, identify personas and most valued features, validate and ratify, design and architect the solution, and finally begin programming. (Pretty sure there are 10 other steps in between that needed mentioning.) But the enviable work portfolio talks of our prowess.

4E. Bring all disparate ground data streams within a manufacturing or services company into the data lake, deploy KPIs to measure what matters, use diagnostic analysis to facilitate organization’s performance management, use predictive analysis to act before an abnormality occurs, use prescriptive analysis to plan for zero deviations. Read more..

Batched. A highly effective production planning product for job shop kind of industries – where constraints related to man, method, materials and machines have to be continuously evaluated, to identify the most effective schedule, towards goals of least make-span time, least wastage, highest possible OEE, on time delivery and margin improvements. Read more..

Managing compliance routines for pharma industry (submarine mode, slated for Q3 22 release). Building a smooth workflow and rules engine to account for (sometimes fluid & many times varied) regulatory compliance mandates. Save time, reduce rework and errors, do it faster, ensure completeness.

Drink good whiskey. A product in nascent stages with a kick-ass promise to elevate the passionate whiskey drinkers community. Life is too short and you cannot taste every whiskey on this planet. Let the app give you recommendations on what you may like. Psst: Hope you smell the AI here.

Design House. Knowing our users and simply by observing them use our software gives some serious design inputs. Whether its B2B or B2C, the human factor can never be alienated. User adoption is a key metric of success of any product and design first is the only way to guarantee that.

Welcome to the Caizin Commune! A series of master class events hosted by Caizin. Listen to the industry experts, learn and flourish. The lessons from past experiences and pitfalls give us our Do’s and Dont’s, helping the community grow better and faster together. And this is how “sabke saath, sabka vikas” is truly done 😉

We care

The world burns only 0.8% of the available coal reserves to generate electricity. However this little use is enough to raise the global temperatures that could threaten human survival.

Become sustainable. There is no planet B. Be wise, Join Caizin.

The Best Part

Freaks @ Caizin

This one guy takes pride in growing rain lilies in peak summers. It is a friendly warning. Do not get him started on the scam that organic farming is.

If his bike goes there, he will too. Clearly not a believer in EVs, this one guy rode the whole golden quadrilateral in 10 days. Apparently for fun!

One chap runs an NGO for street dogs in Pune. They feed nearly 250 dogs every day and run rescue, animal birth control, adoption programs all through the year. www.karmanye.org

He mixes drinks. Attends mixology workshops on weekends. And unless you are a certified “tanker” you shall not try his recipes.

When was the last time you woke up at 3am, got ready and stepped out of the house and DID NOT have a flight to catch? An avid bird watcher at Caizin does this very often to catch the glimpses of his favorite avis.

Not all engineers quit and become standup comics. Some choose their engineering passion and add humor to their lives and everyone around them. One such story teller cum natural comic takes away Monday blues before it absorbs you.

Certified adventure junkie. Bali vacation was all about conquering the waves – not the spas. Forever ready for a Sunday morning Hike to Sinhagad or lazy long cycle ride.

Certified adventure junkie #2 a.k.a. high insurance premium payer. Kedarkantha summit was just the beginning. There are more peaks to be ticked off the list.

Come join our group of Technology Yodas!
We promise a rewarding career & a satisfying work experience.

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