Meet the People

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.”

– Lawrence Bossidy 

Caizin handpicks its talent. It is so important to us that we get the right people in our teams such that their personal growth aligns with the company vision, thus making the professional experience mutually enriching. Caizin is a place where you thrive, you engage, you succeed, and make money while at it.

Mahendra Yadav


A professional with 22+ years of experience in IT industry, Mahendra has played crucial roles in every organization he became part of. His last venture, Tavisca was a successful product and technology company that was acquired by CxLoyalty and eventually by JP Morgan Chase through its CxLoyalty acquisition. In his experience thus far he has lead technology, sales, business development, product management, and organization culture. Mahendra is a graduate from IIT Kanpur in Mechanical Engineering.

Shikha Singal


Shikha is a dynamic professional with business growth and operation as her forte. With over 20 years of productive experience in business processes, marketing, software services and corporate strategy. She has been instrumental in companies growth, mergers and acquisition. She has led marketing for several products and services for numerous clients during her tenure. Her specialties include core product management, marketing, branding, promotional activities, events, public relations, market research, and key account management. Before her last two ventures Analogica Data and Seaaro Solutions, Shikha was part of several companies including Msys Technologies, Talentica Software, eMind LLC(Kaplan Inc), Binary Semantics, Code Theatre, InfoVision and few more. Shikha holds a master’s degree from HNBG University along with a diploma certification as Digital Marketer from Mudra Institute of Communication and Advertising.

Hemant Bhatt

Product Manager

Hemant has professional experience of 18+ years. Prior to Caizin, Hemant co-founded Tavisca. He transitioned from technology to product leadership over his career. He is a believer in an iterative approach to product development and greatly values customer first focus. His is passionate about building people centric organizations. When not working, he loves spending time with his wife and kids. He has done B.E. (Computers) from Army Institute of Technology, Pune.

Ameya Gholap

Product Manager

If you don’t judge me, I can tell you why I am a part of Thanos fan club. I truly believe that man’s greatest invention after the first wheel, was the second wheel and a motorcycle. I use my machine to clear the brain fog, which uncannily seems to rise as Saturday gets closer. That is when I am not gardening or binging on OTT platforms. I love food and love to experiment. Having memorable conversations over liquor, food and deserts is my favorite way of getting to know people. I love to write and talk and feel extremely passionate and connected to my work, also the reason why I do not believe in the concept of work life balance *conditions apply

Tanuj Saxena

Principal Architect

Tanuj Has 16+ years of experience in technology with mix of core R&D and professional services. Prior to Caizin, Tanuj co-founded FSM analytics company and scaled the SaaS based product’s technology using a cloud first approach. He is passionate about building products be it tech or non-tech, loves gadgets and spending time with family specially on long trips Has done masters in computer from Thapar university, Patiala

Sangram Chavan

Principal Architect

Turns out introducing myself has been harder than naming a variable, here goes nothing! People consider me a geek, but I believe that I am more of a pragmatic perfectionist. I always get carried away into depth while exploring technology, developing something new and innovative. I think that my strength and weakness lie along. I can not leave my work unfinished.
I always try to achieve a greater degree of efficiency in everything I do. I assume my fear of failure has always helped me succeed. Most of my hobbies are just directly related to physics, astronomy, electronics & algorithms. 
From the very childhood I am fascinated with mysteries of physics, mathematics, And always interested in knowing how things work. Example: How did people first calculate the speed of light?
Some of my consistent hobbies are playing chess, video games and reading scientific articles. Few quotes which I admire
“Assume Everything You Are Told Is Wrong Until You Are Satisfied It Isn’t.”
“The goal is not to be perfect by the end, Goal is to be better today.”
“Attract what you expect, Reflect what you desire, Become what you respect, Mirror what you admire”

Swapna Prakash

Delivery Manager

Experimental in nature, spiritual in thinking and simplistic in living (currently experimenting with environment-friendly too).
Cool, calm and composed mostly (at other times there are hidden Leo traits!)
Watching cartoons/animated movies or spending time in nature is my idea of fun weekend!

Satish Prajapati

Technical Lead

Aniket Joshi

Software Architect

I love writing code. Ever since I wrote my first program in C, C++, and manipulating it to produce the desired output, I have been obsessed with the idea of using software to solve practical problems. Software engineering is a never-ending puzzle that I am passionately engaged in solving. I believe in the power of programming to transform and improve the lives of people around the world. Ever since then, I have been learning new technologies, algorithms, programming languages.

Ajit Katte

Senior Software Developer

“Simplicity is the soul of efficiency”. I like to keep things simple, be it a lifestyle or a solution to a problem. I am a man of few words but I like to talk about innovation in technology, gadgets and automobile, these things keep me busy and help me not get bored. Professionally, I have 8+ years of experience in Software Development. When I am not working, I like reading about the latest trends in smartphones, bikes and cars. I also like driving, travelling and trekking!

Shivkant Kadam

Software Developer

I am a web developer. I spend my day playing with HTML, CSS, and JS through React. I believe new problems are nothing but the possibilities of learning something new.
I like to go on bike rides, Watch selective content on OTT platforms, reading books/blogs on medium and listening to music.

Vikas Raut

Software Developer

Games, Gadgets have always intrigued me since childhood. It all started with old school TV game consoles, playing games on computer & playing around it and going towards daily converting bugs into feature & vice versa. I was fascinated with how things worked back then, and it became even more interesting as time passed and sure it will continue. Apart from silently converting caffeine to code, I enjoy driving, music & driving + music and many more.

Abhijit Patil

Software Engineer

I am the one who always wants to be the best at whatever comes my way. Travelling, Trekking, fishing, exploring different delicacies, and being in the lap of nature is what I crave apart from work. I feel lucky to be from Alibag, grown up near the coast and I am addicted to seafood. With an inclination toward our Indian culture, I intend to explore its diverse facets in the upcoming years.

Suhrud Mhatre

Software Engineer

A mechanical engineer turned into a software developer,
who was always fond of technology
I’ve spent most of my life by the beach 😉
As a cinephile I’m interested in all types of films

Omkar Goskewar

Software Engineer

One thing about me I am really committed to living the life I want and that’s where FOOD-MUSIC-FRIENDS-FAMILY matters the most !! I like going out with my friends having food and the fun we always have and going to new places meeting people sharing food, knowing their culture is what I do most. When it comes to traveling that’s when I will never feel exhausted, I love driving on the roads going through Nature’s womb where the views are fascinating enough that many times I get a thought of not going back home.

Rusheekesh Jadhav

Software Engineer

I’m a guy who always wants to walk over the intersection of success and satisfaction. Since we are continuously moving forward step by step, it’s getting harder to balance this, and probably it’s turning into a circus. Always get fascinated by the mutants, mutations, and superpowers, which may seem impossible and irrelevant to others, and still want to be one of them. I believe in mercy and justice, which we can’t achieve on the same note. I love games and imagine myself as the main character (of course). It’s like living or precisely just experiencing an alternate life in the same universe. I love to work in nourishing work culture rather than in a pressure cooker. But at last, how does it sound to sacrifice ‘the development’ over sacrificing the nature?

Ganesh Gaikwad

Software Engineer

If I had to describe myself in one word then it would be an “Explorer”. By exploring beyond my comfort zone, I get different perspectives that can make me humble. When challenges come across my path, I like to fight them out and come out with new learnings each time. My hobbies include traveling and exploring new places and cultures, each of which is a source of inspiration to me.

Snehasis Das

Software Test Engineer

Big time foodie who loves to be around family, nature, passionate about travelling, leading a simple life – listening to retro songs, watching thrillers & comedies !!

Mritunjoy Kuwar

Product Manager

As complex as my name might sound, dealing with me is relatively simpler. Having spent quite some time across multiple cities in India, it fascinates me how we are so different and yet so alike. It also made me realize my interest in meeting and conversing with people over tea, food or alcohol and discuss around science, technology, politics, art or anything else. I am yet to discover my hobbies, which gives me the freedom to get involved in anything and everything (I guess I like it this way). So yes, if you are looking for a partner for any activity, you must let me know.

Rhishikesh Chinchore

UX Manager

Rhishikesh is a passionate Design Thinker as they say that “Design is thinking made visible”. He holds 12+ years of experience in the field of user experience design. He has worked with various domains like Travel, Medical, FinTech, etc. He is a people person and loves  exchange of ideas. He also believes that learning is a continual process. He loves to conduct design thinking workshops, participate in Marathons, and Travel.

Smira Chhabriya

Assistant Manager – HR

Quiet but observant. I can easily ditch the idea of anything and get specific in life. Deep Connections and Peaceful Environment are my energizers. I am a highly organized and people person. Sci-Fi movies, Music & Family keep me going.  Sketching and working on DIY projects is how I like to spend my weekends.

Aditya Kopulwar

Senior Software Developer

A foodie and also like to cook especially chicken. South Indian dishes, Pani Puri and Chicken are my favorites. I am huge football fan specifically Manchester United Fan. I have to play football at least once a week else it feels an incomplete week. I also loves playing games(Mobile/PC/PS). I like coding and that’s the only reason I am into software development.

Kuhelika Bisht

Associate UX Researcher

My name means ‘the morning mist of the mountains’ and mum seemed to have some foresight when she chose it because almost all my lines of thought end at mountains. More than the mountains though, it is its people that I adore. My interactions with them over the years prompted me to choose a people-centric discipline. When I’m not dreaming of shepherding in Bhutan, I’m travelling through the music, books and films of different languages and exploring new hobbies – kalarippayattu and pen-palling are next on the list!

Abhilash Dandade

Senior UX Researcher

I am an artist at heart, ambivert as a person, child like in the head and semi-straight forward in behavior (i.e. if I disagree with you I would not waste time in words but just roll my eyes). Sarcasm and daydreaming comes naturally to me – so I am more of a ‘Sit-Down Comic’. I keep exploring hobbies, recently I have been consuming content from different mythologies and practicing cooking. A true believer in in-person interactions and a very empathetic listener. Last but least – Batman Fan.

Swinal Kamble

Senior Software Engineer

As rightly said, “little progress each day adds up to big results”. This is the guru mantra I follow and so, at the end of the day I should at least learn a bit more than yesterday, this is what keeps me going. I love coding, reading technical stuffs and I draw sometimes. An introvert initially but an extrovert once comfortable, so let’s start a good set of discussion soon. Time free is always spent with family, friends, good food, music and social media.

Durgaprasad Mishra

Junior DevOps Engineer

I have desire to visit the all famous places of India.
I always try to keep myself dedicated to my responsibility.
Love to explore mountains, hill stations and watching series.
Mostly exploring new things in technology & nature.

Naseem Mulani

Technical Lead

I look for joy and happiness in the little things in life. Not particularly artistic, but I like painting, calligraphy, and free hand drawing. I enjoy travelling.  I am a complete Masala Dosa lover. Spending time with my family is and always will be my sole true happiness. 😊

Kashish Goyal

Inside Sales Specialist

Upon beginning my professional career, I chose a business development profile since it seemed like something that would be both challenging and interesting. My experience in the IT sales business spans four years, including work for both the Indian and Middle Eastern markets. On a professional level, my best qualities are being meticulous, time-management-oriented, and organized. Four words best describe my personality: quiet, reader, shopaholic, and traveler.

Vibhuti Bhandarkar

Technical Content Writer

I’m a professionally qualified commercial artist with 15+ years of copywriting experience. One of the earliest bloggers and social media marketing evangelists, I have been developing creative content for varied industries from B2B to B2C, especially IT and SaaS companies, for 5 years now. I’ve ghost-written 6 Non-fiction books in several different niches aside from providing editing and proof-reading services to authors of fiction novels. In my leisure time, you will find me painting, reading, or writing poetry and short stories. Several of my short stories are published in prestigious anthologies such as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I’ve also hand-illustrated a few book covers. On the personal front, I’m a doting mother of two boys. Currently, I’m learning French and dreaming of Paris!